Friday, 30 November 2018

Further swimming photos

Here are a few more photos from our swimming sessions. Monday is the last day for us.
Last Friday was water polo day. The children explored the skills needed to play the game of water polo.
Here are the mermaids and mermen of Room 13.

Ohh in the big pool

Jumping off the starter blocks

Don't worry - a swimming instructor was in the water
to support the children.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Week 6

Here are some of the photos from the exciting parts of this week.

Wednesday was 'Wheels Day'

Mrs Davis was a whizz on her scooter.

On Wednesday afternoon we finished our Inquiry on 'Communication' with a session using the Bee Bots. The children had to programme (communicate with) the Bee Bots so that they ended up on the flower. In 'real life' we found out bees communicate by dancing to tell the other bees where to find the flowers. One of the dances is called the 'Waggle Dance'. The dances change depending on where the flowers can be found in relation to the hive. So clever!

The challenge was to see if we could programme the Bee Bot 
once - from the starting point, to arrive at the flower.

Kapa Haka 
On Thursday the Year one children performed some of the items they had been learning this year, at the school assembly.
Some of the photos are from the practice and some from the performance.
Many thanks to the photographer.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


 How do we communicate with digital devices? 

Yesterday we looked at how we communicate with digital devices such as T.Vs, heatpumps, stereos, computers.
We created flow charts to show input and output on an iPad app called Book Creator.